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Volunteer Day 2 - Another great success

Dear HCG gardeners

Despite being a cloudy, damp day, around twenty-one dedicated gardeners turned out to clean up the weeds, put bark mulch on the pathways, clean and organize the shed, assemble and fill two raised beds and attack the rampant blackberry bushes.

It was a great day and the executive are very thankful to everyone who participated.

Everyone was cheerful, hardworking and we got a lot done. Have a look around when you next come to the garden – see the difference!

One thing you will certainly notice are the two new raised beds near the shed. For what they are for and why they are there, read here for further information.

If you haven’t managed to complete your three hours of volunteer work this year, we have a few jobs that still need attending to. A major task that still needs tackling is the painting of the shed and entrances to the garden. There are other tasks too if you don't want to do this. Wendy will be in touch soon to talk about options.

Happy gardening

Wendy, Daryl, Edythe, Maryann and Donna-Lee

HCG Executive Committee

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