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First Foodbank Harvest - July 18th 2023

Thank you for all your contributions to the Foodbank Harvest!

The July harvest is often quite small as much of the produce is not quite ready to be picked.

This year, with near perfect weather so far, we managed to gather six boxes of veg which was well received by Archway's Foodbank.

Thank you to those people who let us know in advance what to pick and what not to pick. We understand that some of you contribute elsewhere and / or you have plans for particular produce from your plot. Just let us know your preferences. Look out for an email before the next harvest - in the next few weeks - and respond as soon as you can.

Finally, a special thank you to Ron, who organised the harvest, and to Peter, Donna-Lee, Valentina and Jim who turned out early on Tuesday morning to pick the produce and box it up ready for delivery.

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