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A great end to a great gardening season

Thanks to everyone who attended the Garden Fest at the end of September. The weather was on our side, which made for a few pleasant hours in early evening sun. We hope you enjoyed the get-together as much as we did.

Thanks to all who brought the most amazing selection of side dishes and desserts - too many dishes to try them all. But that salmon pate! That carrot cake! We clearly have cooks, as well as gardeners, among us.

Thanks to all gardeners, who made this gardening year one of our best yet. Highland Community Garden is, as it says in the title, a community. It is you and your contribution to the Garden that makes it work.

The sun is still shining as I write. The Thanksgiving long weekend looks like it's going to be unseasonably warm and sunny. A good time to get your garden tidy and clean for the winter.

November 15th is the official deadline for plot clearance. It doesn't need to be bare earth. Perennials, winter veg and cover crops can all remain so long as they are tidy and cared for.

We are flexible on the date, taking the weather conditions into account, but please don't leave it until the last minute. We will be inspecting the plots on the weekends of the 11/12th and 18th/19th of November and responding to gardeners accordingly.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our gardeners. We hope to see you back in Spring for another great year of gardening.

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